Hi everyone! My name is Simone and I’m a 28 year old Speech Pathologist from Texas. I’ve been back and forth between relaxed and natural for about 5 years. I normally (well always) wear weaves! I just never really maintained my natural hair underneath my sew-ins. After a bad experience with a sew-in last April, I decided to take it out and when I did, I found my hair was a tangled mess! My relaxed hair was so tangled in with my natural hair, I literally cried.

I sat in my bathroom with a head full of wet mess! So I just grabbed the scissors and started cutting!! It was scary, but once I found I could put a comb through my hair, I felt such relief! I waiting about a month, then started to wear my sew-ins again. I wear frontals to minimize heat damage to my natural hair. Every 3 months, I take my extensions out and deep condition and trim my ends, then re-install my extensions.

This has been the secret to growing my natural hair out to a length that I was comfortable with! I didn’t WANT to cut my hair, but I HAD to! It was the best decision I ever made! I think there is a stigma that if you’re natural and don’t rock your natural hair then it doesn’t mean the same thing.

I think that I wasn’t comfortable with short hair (I have a really big head guys!!) and I did what made ME comfortable! So I’m not an advocate for relaxed, natural, or wigs and weaves, I’m an advocate for feeling sexy and confident…whatever the style may be! Just Do You!!!

IG- @iam_smc