Hello loves! My name is Leslyene Dos Santos. I am first generation Cape Verdean and from Connecticut. My hair journey starts as a child. Growing up natural hair was not the “it” thing. My hair was extremely curly and my length reached my butt, but was so hard to maintain. After years of begging and pleading with my mom.

I finally convinced her to put a relaxer in my hair. I was 11. From then I relaxed my hair for 12 years straight. (quivering as I write that) I completely stopped with relaxers at the age of 23, but continued to straighten and manipulate my hair daily due to events etc. My hair was completely damaged.My curls were none existent. I cut a bob several times and noticed the defined  curls I was getting in the back and decided I wanted that back. From there I would attempt to “go natural” but it was never pass 1-2 months. The last straw was I noticed my hair thinning.
I decided last year to commit to the natural life with out a BIG CHOP. December 31st, 2017 will make 1 year no heat and wow the transformation! I’m not fully there, but I definitely on my way! The beginning process of going natural was pretty difficult, but I learned certain methods that work for me. In the beginning stages perm rods saved my life lol! It was my go to! I deep condition my hair at lease once a week. I personally love to make my own. I also do oil treatments regularly! The products I use the most are: Shea moisture, Cantu(super affordable), Jamaican castor oil, Carols daughter, and Miss Jessie’s.

I have a new YouTube channel that is geared toward the transitioning women to help with the process.
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