Hey Queens! My name is Shalon AKA Shi Natural, and I am a natural hair influencer. You can follow me on Instagram, @mommashinatural. I did my big chop 3.5 years ago.  Since then there has been many ups and downs with this process, but it has definitely all been worth it.

As a child, I had experience with over use of heat, perms, texturizers, dye, and unnecessary hair cuts. I was teased a lot because of the volume of my hair. I would go to school happy and pleased with my hair, just to get talked down and made fun of for it. My hair has always been really thick and it took me a long time to appreciate that aspect of my hair.

At the end of 2013 was when I decided that I wanted to know my natural hair. In the beginning it was difficult, I felt like I wasn’t feminine; and that I looked like a boy. In 2015 is when I really started to see length and texture change. At this point, I knew that being team natural was for me. My best year yet on my natural hair journey has been 2017. That year was also when I began my YouTube channel (Shi Natural).

It takes patience and consistency to get the results that you want with natural hair. Researching different products and hairstyles is also very helpful. Having knowledge about what your hair likes is important too. That could mean knowing your hair type or it could mean just payin attention to the products that work well in your hair. I’ve loved this journey so far, and I am excited to see the progress that is yet to come.

My #1 Rule when it comes to natural hair is limiting heat usage. I damaged my hair time after time from flat ironing my hair excessively. I noticed that after limiting heat, that my locs became more coiled, defined, and healthy. Too much heat just isn’t good for natural hair.