My name is MackπŸ‘‹, I’ve been a true naturalist for about 5 years now. Growing up my mother decided to perm me and my sisters hair for easy maintenance. (I don’t think it helped lol) I became a “born again natural” in 2013. My best friend decided to do a <6 month no heat challenge> and like an idiot I agreed to do it with her. I was in the transition stage for about a year which I hated.


For my 23rd birthday I got a Brazilian blow out, although I looked gorgeous my hair was SEVERELY damaged so I did another <6 month no heat challenge>. Once it was over I BIG CHOPped, I loooovvveed my hair. My fro was so cute and healthy. I used a lot of Cantu products in the beginning phase. Fast forward to today my favorite products to use are conditioners. My favorite is flawless curls by Tresemme. My number 1 rule for maintaining my mane is LOTS of conditioner!! It’s really the only product I use

on my hair. Thank you so much CurlyPerks for the feature teheheπŸ˜šπŸ€—πŸ˜It’s an honor!

IG: @mackwithak