Hey everyone!

My name is Crystal Shaw and I transitioned to natural 2x. In fact the first time I began transitioning I didn’t know that there was a “natural hair movement” so to speak. I was in college and I was tired of relaxing my hair so I just decided to stop (I’m very spontaneous sometimes). During this time I went on YouTube and came across videos from all of the gurus and was like “Whoa I want my hair to do that!” My mom told me that it wouldn’t, and since then  I’ve spent my time proving her wrong lol.
During my first transition I ended up getting one of those “magical keratin  treatments” that is supposed to let you wear your hair straight AND curly *insert sarcasm and side eye here* . To make a long story short, it basically texturized my hair. After realizing what was happening I started to transition ALL the way over again and now I have a head of coarse kinks and curls.


My hair is low in porosity so what helps for me is heating products or using steam so my strands can be penetrated and well moisturized. It is also important for me to use sulfate-free shampoo instead of co-wash because my hair is prone to product buildup. I finger detangle and try my best to not use combs or brushes. I also try my best not to use blow dryers or straighten my hair too often. I’m a product junkie so I don’t really have any favorites hair products but I do believe every natural should own a satin bonnet or 2 or 5! Lol


What I love most about my natural hair journey is its connection to my personal journey of self acceptance and self love. My hair has become a part of who I am and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

So my advice to you all is the following:
1. Keep a consistent regimen of washing , conditioning, clipping your ends and protective styling.

2. Accept your hair at every stage.

3. Pay it forward by spreading love and advice to a fellow natural.

4. Journey on!