My natural hair story.

I went natural because there was no other way for me to go… My natural hair journey really began in the summer of 2015 when I decided to go three months with no heat. Even though I was already off the creamy crack for close to ten years; it didn’t matter; I was addicted to heat (Wash-blow dry-straighten) so the damage was already done.


My no heat challenge was only suppose to last for ninety days. After doing three months so easily I said to myself why not go three more months and I did it. During those six months I did protective styling via wigs. I took my time and watched various videos on how to care for my natural hair.


Unfortunately, I had a ton of heat damage in my hair. I decided to put myself on a strict hair care regime. I used the Aphogee Two-Step recovery treatment twice, once in November and once in December of 2015. I stopped with two-step and started using the Aphogee two-minute keratin treatment every two weeks. I did this up until July of 2016.


It took me around seven to eight months to cut out all the heat damage that was done. I’ve not straightened my hair since December 2015. And yes, I still love straight hair but it’s not worth loosing my curls over. Will I straighten my hair again? Maybe.

My number one rule in maintaining my curls is water. I literally have a spray bottle in every room in my house. I deep condition weekly. My hair also loves Shea Moistures JBCO Leave in conditioner. It’s everything to me! Honestly, I’m so glad I went natural❤

Alexis Moore

Instagram: @MyManeMyChoice