Hiiyaa Curlies! I’m Sherrell and I’ve been natural all my life BUT that doesn’t mean I haven’t made any mistakes lol. As a child my mother took very well of my curls it wasn’t until highschool I took over and ruined everything lol. I was straightening my hair literally every morning! ( I know terrible lol), and dying it and applying heat right after. It wasn’t until I realized how damaged and short my hair had gotten that was that I decided to cut it Rihanna style in 2013-2014. Later in 2014 I decided I wanted to grow my curls back BUT I couldn’t handle the hassle so I cut them again in 2015 January. Around 2016 is when I decided and stuck to growing my curls back and since then the mane has been flourishing!

My number one rule is : MOISTURIZE!!!! moisturizing literally will save any curls! I mainly wear my hair in a wash n go, but I do love perm rods as well. I co wash my hair once a week followed by deep conditioning, leave in, olive oil, and a curl milk of my choice. I shampoo my hair once a month when I am doing a protein treatment.
My go to products are: anything without sulfates and parabens, and silicone! I’m loving the “As I Am” line it’s amazing on my curls! And I’m also loving “Maui” as well. All the products I use must be moisturizing. My hair is now orange/ginger BUT IT IS HEALTHY because I did not bleach my hair and I keep up my regimen.
My message to new curlies: keep that hair moisturized and be patient, and watch those curls flourish Girl!!
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