Hello world! I’m Kaila Imari. I am a true vet in the natural trend that’s going on. I was natural all of my life until in 2015 when I decided I wanted a pixie cut so the stylist suggested a perm. I was over having long hair, and I wanted something new!

                                  (Picture Above – 2015 with styled permed pixie cut)

About 2 months in of having that perm, I hated it. And I proceeded to just “big chop” to a low fade. And since then my hair has flourished and is better than ever! A few of my curly perks that I love by are less heat and less tension. On the days when I don’t have to work, I let my hair do as it pleases. Preferably a wash n go and that’s it.


If I get a blow out, I preserve it with pin curls or I dry wrap it. No heat. I’ve grown to love my big hair and long, curly strands.

June 2015 when I cut all the perm off and it started to grow back

June 2016 (1 year big chop anniversary, yaaay!)
June 2016 (first blowout since big chop)
Dec 2016
Jan 2017 (wash n go)


Let your hair be free! Let it flourish, and learn to love what God blessed you with! It’s a beautiful things always and in all ways!

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