Going natural was one of the greatest decisions of my life! All I could ever remember about my hair as a child was having a relaxer. I decided to give my natural tresses a shot one day when I took out a sew in and handn’t had a relaxer in 6 months, and the beautiful natural hair I had growing revealed itself. That was 3 years ago in January, 2014. I transitioned about a year, then I big chopped, and I’ve been natural ever since.

I would have to say my curly perk of being natural, what I can’t go without, and what has helped my hair grow and thrive would definitely be DEEP CONDITIONING weekly. When I added this to my regiment I began to see a huge change in the health and moisture retention of my hair, which lead to growth.
Growth was my ultimate motivation for going natural. I was never able to grow my hair passed my shoulders, but now, I’m past bra strap length when stretched!! I can’t wait to see where this healthy hair journey takes me!