Hi curlies!  I’m Britt and I’ve been “natural” my whole life.  Every time I got my hair done as a little girl, I was met with threats by my grandmother to NEVER put a relaxer in my hair.  In elementary school, I was the girl bouncing down the hallway making all types of noise with beads at the end of my braids.  Somehow, that made me forget that I was hollering about the hair dryer the night before!  I got my hair pressed for the first time in the sixth grade and that became my regular hair style.  Pressed, curled and flowy hair was my idea of beauty because that’s how most of my favorite celebrities styled their hair.   


I didn’t begin to see the beauty in my natural curl pattern until the summer after my freshman year in college.  Yes, it took me seven years and it was by accident!  I asked my mom to buy some conditioner for my hair, and she accidentally bought some Cantu Leave in Conditioner.  I was SO upset, but decided to try and use it before blow drying my hair.  Once I saw how the product actually enhanced my curls and my hair was soft, I was amazed!  I felt like a new girl and wore my natural curls all summer!  I didn’t mind looking different from every other girl whose hair was “laid by the gawds” because embracing my natural curl pattern helped me embrace just being myself.  


My go-to style is a braid-out using Cantu Curl Activator Cream and Ecostyler gel.  My #1 rule to maintaining my curls is keeping my hair moisturized.  I’m not afraid of frizz, but I hate shedding dry, broken split ends.  So, I keep a mist spray water bottle handy, add a little more product to refresh my style and keep my curls bouncing through the week.  

“Be Yourself.  Love Your Body.”

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