Hi! My name is Naqua. Im a licensed cosmetologist and I have a 3 year old daughter. I did my big chop a little over a year ago. It’s literally the best decision I could have made . Once I was able to figure out my routine and how to manage and define my curls , it was so liberating and easy to manage my hair . This was not an easy journey though . I remember going through the transition faze not really knowing what that meant .
So even though I hadn’t relaxed my hair for several years I was still straightening the crap out of it lol. This of course caused heat damage . All I wanted was wash and go hair but my wash and go did not look good at all . Then I discovered all the  protective styles . So I was doing twist outs and perm rod sets , but this was very time consuming. Way too much work especially juggling work, school, and having a 2 year old . Also I just wanted to see my natural curl pattern . So I spent a couple of months contemplating a big chop . I was scared , I had never seen myself with short hair . I had no idea how I would look . Then one day I decided this is the day I’m cutting my hair . I was also going through some life changes and I  was really ready for change. A new beginning was necessary . At 1st I didn’t like it . I felt the need to wear more make up and accessories . But once I  figured out how to style my hair and which products worked I begin to really like it . I could also “wash and go” which was my goal .
I really would like to encourage and inspire women to rock their natural hair . No matter your texture , everyone has beautiful hair. Also me being a hair stylist , I promote healthy hair . No matter if you are in the beginning stages of transitioning or already completely natural . Knowing the right products and how to manage your hair is key to your natural hair journey .
 I use the LOC method to maintain moisture and define my curls . I usually use cantu leave in conditioner , coconut & jojoba oil. , and one of my favorite holding gels ; RECOIL by AG
Wishing anyone reading this a happy natural hair journey 🙂