Hi beauties! My name is Nona Simone, I’m 20 years old and so in love with my natural hair. I believe that every texture, curl and kink is beautiful so id like to inspire other curly girls out there to love and embrace their natural hair as well. I am so proud of being a curly girl with the confidence to rock the hair that God has given me. Being natural has taught me to be patient, and to love myself always. I’ve been natural most of my life because growing up bi-racial, (Caucasian and African) I was always taught by my grandmother to embrace my naturally thick curly textured hair. It wasn’t until my preteen years in junior high school that i was influenced to bleach, dye and straighten my hair in an attempt to fit in with the crowd at a predominantly hispanic school. Im not too sure what caused me to stop but after my eighteenth birthday I dyed all my hair back to black and never went back to the blow dryer or flat iron again.


The transition has been amazing and I’ve learned so much tips on how to maintain my curls which allowed my hair to grow healthier. There is so much support out there to help any one along their natural hair journey as long as they are willing to do the research. My number one key to maintaining my curls is moisture , moisture, moisture! Coconut oil is by far my favorite oil for moisturizing. Also be aware of the food you put in your body and remember to stay well hydrated by drinking lots of water daily.


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