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As a licensed hairstylist, natural hair enthusiast, and a proud curly girl since 2006 with more big chops than I can count, the key to healthy hair in my opinion is “leave-in conditioners”. I don’t care what kind you use as long as you’re using something and it works for YOUR HAIR TYPE. To me they are the foundation that sets all hair styles, enables easier combing to reduce breakage and smooths frizz. It will take some trial and error to find your holy grail, but it is so worth it in the long run for hair health. I also highly recommend liquid spray style heat protectants because they don’t cause buildup or add weight.
Product ratio’s and application order are also important. Know the desired end result so you can add or subtract products from your routine, see how they react to your hair alone and layered with other products. These two things will enable you to have consistent styling results.
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What made me go natural?
I simply got tired ya’ll 😑 I got tired of relaxer burns, thinning edges, paying for weave and pricey installations or waiting on friends to do it. It was also around that time products for “multicultural” and “black” hair started coming out. Growing up there was nothing but greasy products and harsh gels to “tame” aka weigh down curly hair, and relaxer was encouraged. I actually didn’t know what my real curl pattern even looked like. But once I started experimenting with products and styles, it was like I fell in love with my whole self for the first time.
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I also realized how can I preach self love and individuality to my future daughters or clients if I am altering everything natural about myself? People truly underestimate the impact of simply seeing someone that looks like you walking down the street unapologetically them self. I became a hairstylist to help debunk negative ideologies about natural hair. The fact we even have to label our hair disgusts and annoys me. There is no such thing as “good hair” or “bad hair” when I’m around. I wear my hair like a crown, and my mission is to make every female that sits  in my chair fall in love with theirs.
I love to help and answer hair questions, so feel free to follow and DM me on IG @360.Phresh. I also have a YouTube channel in the works so stay tuned😘
Naomi aka @360.Phresh
Toronto, Canada