My number one rule for maintaining my natural hair is to ensure my hair remains moisturized. The dryer your hair is the brittle it becomes and you risk breakage and damage to your beautiful, curly, and natural hair. I have used Cantu and Shea Moisture products my entire natural journey. I have just recently dove into using ManeChoice and As I am. And to my surprise, none have stripped my hair of its moisture.

One way I also maintain my moisture is to wash my hair only every 2-3 weeks followed by a good deep condition. In between time, probably about every week, i’ll conduct a thorough co-wash. But without fail, I will always use the L.O.C. (Leave in, oil, creme/moisturizer) to maintain my hair after every big wash day or co-wash day.
We want to know what fueled your passion and dedication to go natural?
In 2013, I decided to cut my hair because I thought I needed a dramatic change. At this point my hair was permed, a little thinned, and about shoulder/collarbone length. In 2014, I went off to training and realized how hard it was to maintain my short and permed hair in the military especially when we go without access electricity for extended periods of time (which means no flat irons, lol). During that training, i meet a friend who was natural and I feel deeply in love with her curls, texture, and thickness.
I began to remember how thick and pretty my hair was as a kid and started to concluded that perms could be the reason I lost a lot of my hair’s volume and thickness.So, at that moment, my mind was made up, I was going natural. I thought it would be the best time as any because i had to grow my hair out anyway. But once I saw my own curl patterned, volume, and rate of growth, I feel in love all over again. Going natural was one of the best decisions I could have made for my hair.
How long you’ve been natural, or anything else you would like to share?
I stopped getting perms June 5, 2014 and did my big chop Dec 17, 2014. So, I’ve been natural for 2 years and 10 months now. I would like to say that transitioning can be a struggle from time to time but do not give up. If you take care your beautiful natural hair, it will take care you 10 x over!
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