Moisture is key when it comes to maintaining my curls. That usually means deep conditioning at least twice a month. Sometimes I’ll use store bought, but I love making my own using avocado, eggs, honey, and banana. Occasional water only rinsing in between styles and sealing with coconut oil has also helped keep my hair hydrated.
 I had super heat/chemically damaged hair and knew the only way to regrow it was to stop flat ironing and focus on the overall health of my hair. It was not easy, it took a lot of trial and error and hours of watching youtube tutorials to finally get a hang of it. I unknowingly transitioned for about a year slowly cutting off the damage. Once I saw those full, juicy curls I was hooked!
I was natural my entire childhood, but as I got to high school I began flat ironing almost daily all through college. Once I graduated college I had a friend give me a box kiddie perm wanting to try something new. What a bad choice that was! My hair was stringy and chunks of it fell out due to chemical burns. That was five years ago and its been quite an exciting journey to healthy hair so far.
 I hope my experience will encourage and inspire others to start or continue their own natural hair journey!
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