Hey Curly Friendsss!!

My name is Tyler and I’m from the beautiful ‘Spice Isle’ Grenada!

My #1 rule for maintaining your natural hair is; keeping it moisturized! I tend to lightly spritz my hair with water and seal with a light oil when I get up in the morning & I do the same when I’m going to bed. I got my first relaxer when I entered high school. I asked my mother if I could get my hair relaxed and she eagerly agreed considering that she would no longer be doing my hair.

During that era, I also happened to become a YouTube fanatic the next year. I was definitely obsessed and intrigued from watching all those natural hair videos. It was then that I realized that I didn’t know what my true hair texture or curl pattern was

At the age of 13, I decided that I wanted to go back to my natural hair. Everyone I shared this idea with told me that I would have to ‘Big Chop’ but I was NOT about to cut off all my long hair, I was used to having long hair my whole life and was terrified of even the thought of short hair. So I chose to transition instead. The transitioning period at the beginning seemed relatively easy. I just stopped getting relaxers and touch ups. About a year later, I was fully natural but new to this texture. I became a product junkie, trying every product I saw and trying DIY’s but nothing seemed to work.

My hair would be extremely dry and brittle especially because of the year round climate in my island. I live in the Caribbean it is mostly sunny, hot and humid. There were times when I wanted to give up, I was tired of dealing with this thick dry forest on my head. But I’m a bit of a perfectionist and didn’t want to give up until I felt like I succeeded. I continued trying different products and literally TWO YEARS later I stumbled on a combo that would be my holy grail, especially for my wash & go’s. I was so elated that I finally found something that worked. The picture down below is my 2nd successful wash & go ever and the three products that was amazingggggggg in my hair!!!

I am now 3 years natural and I feel like I’ve accomplished sometime great! This is definitely just the beginning. I’m so excited to try new things and experiment with my hair. I would really love to connect with other natural/curly girls and share experiences, products and all the other good stuff!

Tyler Instagram is, @_yourpyt_   check her out

Hope to speak to some of you soon, byeee !! : )))