Hi! My number one rule for maintaining my natural hair is moisture! Moisture over EVERYTHING! Lol. Number 2 would be staying current on trims and maintaining a hair regimen! I’ve been natural for about 10 years and i

decided to go natural bc my hair was so kinky and my scalp so tender that that i had to decide if i wanted my hair straight and sacrifice my scalp or just let the relaxer go and just embrace the kink.

My dedication to remain natural was fueled by the Negative backlash i received for letting go of the straight ‘look’ and rocking the kinky/nappy look.  When i started rocking the ‘kinky look’ natural hair wasn’t popular or cool or as accepted as it is now! I’m happy to see that more people are embracing it!

Oh, and i miss spoke.  Ive been a kinky natural for 10 years but i was a straight natural for 5 years before that!

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