Hey Curlies!! My name is Nicole, I decided to transition to natural. I cut off my relaxed ends in March of 2013. I went natural because I was tired of the expense that came with a relaxer. To me, my relaxed hair was so thin and I’ve always had a dry itchy scalp. So, my main goal was to have thicker and healthier hair. When I first went natural, I straightened my hair and wore weaves a lot. I really had no clue about different natural styles.

Nicole White
I have 3 tips for maintaining my curls. First, minimum or NO HEAT. I haven’t flat ironed my hair in a little over a year. I definitely see a huge difference in my hair and I can tell that my hair is growing. Also, it is much more fuller. I only blow dry my hair when I’m preparing for a protective style. Second, deep condition weekly. This helps to keep my hair well moisturized and easier to manage, which can lead to hair growth. My last tip is to protective style (braids, twists, faux locs, or a sew-in with a closure). When I get the urge to straighten my hair, I just protective style for 4-6 weeks. But, make sure you take care of your hair before, during and after a protective style. NEVER neglect your natural hair.

Nicole White
I embrace EVERYTHING about my natural hair. There’s so much to learn and new products to experience. When asked about my natural hair and products, I LOVE sharing my knowledge. There’s nothing like seeing another naturalista….I see you boo, SLAY ON!!!!

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