I’ll start off by saying being “natural,” was one of the best things I’ve committed to since my last perm in 2012. I did not always love my hair texture, as a matter of fact, I despised it. My coils were untameable. I was addicted to the “ creamy crack” for  so long that I would perm my hair every two weeks. To the extent, thatI had no regard to protect my roots because my vantage point of beauty was distorted. After realizing this, I sat down to weigh out my options. “ What will people think of me?” “Will I look less attractive?”

Betsy[Photo taken in 2012]
Later on the CREAMY CRACK became a huge expense that I no longer wanted to entertain. At this point, I was ready for a change. So, then my natural hair journey began. It went well for a couple months but I soon got sucked into weaves and perms yet again. To be honest, as you can see, dealing with natural hair was an insecurity that was undeniable. When I got pregnant things changed, and in my opinion, for the better. I had no choice but to stay un-permed and manage my kinks as they were.

Soon after, I was introduced to Shea Moisture and As I Am (which are clear form harmful chemicals and equipped with organic ingredients), thanks to my girlfriend Ruth ! These products revived my kinks and I’m in love with my 4b/c hair. Furthermore, I wanted to demonstrate my passion by creating a youtube channel to give new mothers and naturalistas a chance to see the benefits of maintaining their God given curls. Hopefully my channel will inspire those who are trying to transition, the ones who are undecided and those who’ve already embarked on this journey. If you are ever discouraged, remember that your kinks and coils were uniquely designed for you.


Betsy Danso