Hi Dolls,

My name is Krystal, but you can call me Krys.

I want to say that I have been Natural all my life, but that would be a lie. I did a big chop in December of 2015, and completely stopped straightening my hair on September 22 of 2016. (Heyyy my curlversary is tomorrow!!) Making the decision to go natural was huge and I knew it would take a lot of commitment. But to this day, with the support Ive had from my boyfriend and all my friends around me, I am happy I did it

One year in the game and I’ve straightened my hair only three times: twice for a cut, and once for a dye job. I don’t like to get curly cuts because I’ve never been 1000% satisfied with the shape, and I’m still working on finding a curly hair artist to trust with my hair. I dyed my hair burgundy and got blonde highlights a few days ago. Yes this took a toll on my curls, but I prepped by deep conditioning for three days before getting the job done, and have been using a Shea Moisture deep conditioning hair masque in my hair every other day since. (We gon’ take care of these curls, girl!)
As a Latinx woman, I find the diversity that comes with my rizos to be refreshing.  I love meeting new people because of my curls, and going to curly events. When I’m at these places, I don’t have to stress to people not to touch my hair, and that makes my life so much easier. My favorite part of my day is when people say “wow I love your hair, what can I do to get mine to curl like that?” At which point I start gushing with ideas and DIY tips and tricks. I swear by Shea Moisture’s 10 in 1 Super fruit Complex and Jamaican Black Castor Oil lines. They are literally send from the curl Gods themselves!
Alongside the admiration ad the mutual respect that comes with being a curl friend. I’ve learned that having curly hair is hard. Not just the maintenance but also the experience and the change of your lifestyle that comes with it. When I’m having a bad hair day, often times, my family sees it as just “bad hair.” One of the constant battles I face within my family is that there is no such thing as bad hair. Everyone’s natural hair is beautiful and different. I love taking my roll as a curl enthusiast to educate others on how curls work. The idea that natural isn’t beautiful no longer exists in my world. Everyone should embrace their natural side.
Being a curlista has changed my life in so many different ways. Yes I have to work a little harder and a little longer on my hair. And Yes I have to watch what I use in my hair and it takes me FOREVER to pick a new curl product. But let me tell you, it is SOOOO worth every minute, every penny, and every single experience.
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