Hey, I’m Tylene Endegó but you can call me Endy for short. I’ve been natural for about 2 years now and I love it 😍. What made me decide this path was because realizing that my hair was beautiful in its natural state. Why change it to make society feel more comfortable about who I was. 
Understanding and learning to properly wash and moisturize my hair was the funniest experience ever because I was so driven to do this that it motivate me to get where I needed to be even if I had mistakes along the way. I started with being a product junkie and not knowing anything about my hair lol. But over time I knew what I needed know about my hair like water based products, LCO method and my curl type (3c-4a)!

I find some of the best hair companies that my hair loves, like Shea moisture, carols daughter, cantu and more. My fav hairstyle now is wash&go’s. It’s low manipulation style which is perfect way to less breakage and damage. Plus I love me a twist out. If anyone decides to do you won’t regret it!! Being natural is the best and it helped me learn and love myself❤️❤️!