Hey everyone, my name is Trina but I go by Curlpeace on social media.

I have been natural all of my life, but a straight natural, until 2016. Over the last 5 years I’ve tried to explore my natural hair texture and curl pattern but always went back to the flat iron. Towards the end of 2015 I significantly reduced the amount of heat I put on my hair and decided to start transiting January 2016, for a year. Well, about 5/6 months in, I randomly decided to just big chop and it’s been an amazing journey since! It hasn’t always been easy, I haven’t always been completely confident with my new look, but it has and still is an empowering, beautiful experience!

For the sake of reference I would say I have a mixture of type 4 hair (a,b,c). I struggle with my porosity, but I have fine strands and medium density. My hair absolutely loves Camille rose almond jai butter, and a thick deep conditioner.

My advice to new Naturals, pay attention to what your Hair likes, don’t try too many.l new products at one time (it’ll make it hard to know what’s working or not) and try not to compare your hair too much to others. Enjoy the process!

Hope this was helpful!

Trina (@curlpeace)