My name is Taegan, I have been transitioning for 4 years. I never even knew that I had a curl pattern until I went to college because I wasnt able to go home like I wanted to, to get my relaxers. So, when I saw my hair growing curls, I was amazed. I called my mom and said: “Hey, I have curls!” and she laughed and said “Yeah, you’ve always had them, but when you were younger, I had no idea what to do with your hair so, I relaxed it.”. I was so mad at her – but transitioning was a great learning experience for me, so I wasn’t too mad.
My hair has always long, but it never grew, it was always the same length, (while relaxed) which frustrated me because I always wanted long straight hair, until the curly roots said “hello” to me! So, since my hair has always been long, I refused to big chop because I was afraid and typically don’t like change.
This process, however, has taught me patience with many different things. I mean, 4 years transitioning? I almost lost it, and I’ve tried so many different products, it’s ridiculous, but all natural/transitioning women know the struggle with trying to find the right regimen for you!  But I am happy to say that I only have some ends that need to be clipped and I will be completely natural! Protective styles are also always great – I typically prefer braids, and I think crochet is really cool (will try it one day). Lately, I typically do twist outs on my hair because I still have some heat damaged My favorite lines are As I Am, Shea Moisture, Curls, and Cantu!
These are my Curlyperks! 🙂