Curl friends, I’m Shay or Dollaz, which ever you’d like to call me. I’ve been natural my entire life. I have ran into some break downs where I’ve went to beauty salons and the women put a relaxer in my deep conditioner. The first time happened when I was around 7 and the second time happened when I was around 19. When I was 19, I was devastated because I’m known for my fro.

At this point, I realized that it is just hair and it doesn’t make me. I did a big chop and thankfully, my hair grows fast so I snapped back. Since said experience, I’ve learned through YouTube and research how to deal with my hair type. It’s curly but after a couple days, it can get kinky. I’ve taught myself how to cut curly hair so all of my hair cuts and trims are done by me. I buy a lot of organic fruits and make home made deep conditioners / hair masks in which all depends on what my hair needs. Currently, my favorite products is made by the Eden brand.

Coconut is their main product. I use their co wash, leave in conditioner, and their curl defining cream. Once or twice a month, I do an apple cider vinegar wash, but I NEVER use shampoo.  This takes away the dirt but keeps your natural oils. After, I use a co wash about three if I’m shampooing my hair, twice, and conditioning it, once. I love being natural because hair is so versatile. It tells a story…each and every time. It’s hard work, but always worth it.

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