My name is Quinn and i have been natural for almost 4 years. It’s been a long journey with trial and error but i have learned a lot about my hair as well. I have a 7 yr old daughter and at the time i just thought about how unhealthy my hair felt. Looking back, i am so happy that i made that decision, just because she watched how i learned to love my hair again. And because of that, she learned to love her hair as well. She’s aware of the fact that her hair is way different compared to other girls from her class but she definitely doesn’t want any other.
The reason why I went BACK natural was because it was so damaged from the hair dye and flat iron that i used everyday. It felt really stringy and thin, i actually wanted to big chop to start all over again. But eventually i didn’t and just cut off all the unhealthy ends. It was a relieve but i had to get used to a much shorter look. I use different kind of brands because i like to switch it up. I use SheaMoisture, Camille Rose, CURLS and DesignEssentials.