Hi Curl Friends. My name is Nella and I’ve been happily natural for four years. What inspired me to return to natural is the fact that I began to experience major breakage. I realized that my hair was shedding uncontrollably and that something had to change.

Not only that, I was on a journey to learning to love myself end EVERYTHING about me. That included learning to embrace all of my features… especially my natural hair. After 6 months of transitioning, I did the big chop and haven’t turned back since. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.
My rules for maintaining natural hair are properly moisturizing and regular trimming! These are the key to healthy hair and retaining length! My goal is to inspire queens everywhere to rock their crowns with confidence.  No matter your hair color, hair type, or hair length, always embrace it.  Never compare your hair to anyone else’s because it’s what makes you, you. SHINE QUEENS! SHINE! 💓