Hey curl friends! Im Krissy 🙂

I made the decision to no longer relax my hair back in 2008. Being that I had no idea how to properly maintain my hair, I knew this would be an interesting journey. I wanted to experiment with it so I bleached it blonde with a box kit, which was the biggest mistake of my life! I ended up having to big chop which I didn’t want to do, but it’s just hair right? It grew back longer and stronger with patience, TLC and the help of my beautician. I embraced my short cut, but once my hair grew out, I began to truly discover my thick and curly mane.  

I moisturize my hair everyday and deep condition weekly in order to maintain the health of my natural hair. When I began transitioning in 2008, I didn’t really know what products worked best or what “type” of hair I had. So I bought EVERYTHING! From Cream of Nature to Shea Moisture to Mixed Chicks; if there was an ad for it, I purchased it. The brands that currently work best on my hair now are Shea Moisture, Curls, and Maui Moisture.

For the past two years, I made a vow to only get my hair straightened twice a year and protective style when necessary. I never press my own hair because I am afraid of heat damage so I’d rather go to a professional to prevent that. This has allowed my hair to become thicker, stronger and reduces the risk of me damaging my own hair. My advice to anyone that is preparing to wear their hair in its natural state is to leave it to the professionals for anything outside of a normal hair routine. If you want color, stay away from bleach and let a professional do it for you so they can also teach you how to maintain your hair with color.

With that begin said, love your hair and embrace what The Lord has blessed you with. Don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s and get creative with it. Remember, it is just hair. 🙂

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