My #1 rule to maintaining my hair is NEVER SKIPPING deep conditioning! It goes a long way and makes huge difference in the manipulation process of my thick, kinky type 4 hair.

What fueled my passion and dedication to go natural, was actually my roommate freshman year of college. She was a natural hair fanatic and the more I observed her obsession the more I realized, “Wow, I never really seen or taken time to notice my natural hair.” Granted, I never had a perm or relaxer, nothing like that, but since I ca remember I’ve always on hair my hair braided up or flatironed so, 2nd semester my freshman year, I decided to get it a shot and realized I had severe heat damage.
Then, I started depending on YouTube to figure out how to start taking care of my natural hair and start my natural hair journey. It was a love, hate relationship for a long time (me and my natural hair), but I was determined to be 100% natural! No heat or chemical damage or strongly pieces; just 100% kinks and curls. Thankfully, 4 years and 3 different natural hair journey attempts later, I am now a proud type 4 healthy, natural haired girl!
Products that work best for my hair: