My name is Erica, I’m Nigerian, born & bred and I am a newbie in the natural world. I have spent years fantasizing about becoming a “natural”. I finally made the decision to go natural in November 2016 -I’m not even a year natural yet!- and ever since I did my big chop its been nothing short of a rewarding journey. Like any journey, I have had my ups and downs when it comes to ensuring proper health and maintenance of my mane.

Watching YouTube videos and reading up on blogs pertaining to natural hair have kept me at moderate standing with my hair and I’m so grateful for these platforms as they have not only helped me but inspired me to continue this movement. I am definitely still learning the magic tricks that come with managing my hair texture (I believe i’m a mix of 4a, 4b and 4c). I always look forward to wash days because I love to ensure that my hair is beyond moisturized. The whole idea of being natural has given me the confidence I never thought I had.

I am able to rock my short natural mane when I feel like it thus embracing my natural God given look and still wear wigs thus balancing out my appearance. Having used relaxers for over 20 years it’s safe to say that my hair has never been healthier. I fall in love with my natural mane every day. I will never use such chemicals again, that’s for sure. To anyone out there considering going natural, take the chance, stay inspired and never give up. Thanks for the opportunity!

Yours truly,