Going natural was a huge journey for me! Honestly, what made me go natural is a really funny story. One day, I was looking up videos on hair masks because my hair was pretty thin, and then the woman said that she does it twice a week and washes her hair out..


I envied the thought of being able to wash my hair when I want, so I decided to just go natural! It was super rocky when it hit that point where my hair was 1/3 natural and 2/3 relaxer because it was so hard to hide.. but the thought of one day being able to do wash and goes and twists outs made me persevere! I have kinky curly hair (type 4A) so it took me a while to learn that my hair loves creamy products (for example, my fav is curl enhancing smoothie).

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a shea moisture addict!! I also got my mom hooked too! Lastly, the number one rule for my hair is that I MUST deep condition once a week. Once I tried going a while without deep conditioning and my hair became so dry that I had to cut 3 inches off of my hair! All in all, it was a great experience and I’m still learning, I wouldn’t trade it for the world!


Edwina 💜