Hey curlfriends! My name is Dominique and I am a 21-year-old college senior that has been natural for about six years. What is interesting about my story is that I didn’t start wearing my curly until about 3 years ago and I fully transitioned over about a years’ time.

When I first started figuring out my hair, I was over manipulating my hair. Literally trying a different style every two days and my hair was starting to shed a lot also I started developing a lot of split ends. Now that I have a set routine for my hair, I look back and have loveddddddddddddd the process. It just takes patience, which I needed anyway lol.

A key to having successful hair to me personally is retaining moisture and finding a style and sticking to it for days at a time so that you won’t put too much stress on your hair. Overall, going natural was well worth it for me and has made me grow appreciation for my hair and its natural state.