Hey everyone my name is Candy and my hair journey started with a hair mess up. In 2010 I went to Harlem with my friend to get a relaxer she had referred this stylist to me. we both went excited to get our hair laid!! Instead I left the salon with limp stringy hair. Not really sure what I wanted to do I just decided to lay off my hair with relaxer for a while. It was a couple of months after that I decided to cut my shoulder length somewhat healthy hair into a bob.I wasn’t ready to cut my hair super short but it did help speed the process along.

      I transitioned for about a year and half after that. It took me while to learn what to do with my hair. My permed hair was so different from my natural hair. Many friends and family hadn’t started the journey yet. So the internet and YouTube were my best friends. My hair being really short when curly was also a big help I did wash and go’s most of time and protective styles when I needed a break.The one thing I was always aware of is deep conditioning and trimming my hair. I think that’s why my hair has flourished so much. It was costly at times but my hair does great with certain products.
    After all these years the biggest mistake was listening to everyone else not my hair. I did a lot of things that didn’t work for my hair. After a while I finally learned to do what works for my hair. Right now my regimen is pretty simple. I liked to wash my hair once a week unless its in a protective style. I shampoo my hair then deep condition(ALWAYS DEEP CONDITION) following by doing a twist out or a wash and go. I don’t  really go to salons so I flat iron and trim my hair every 3 to 4 months.Just remember its a journey not a race and enjoy the process.I hope everyone tries to go natural at least once in their life.